Volunteering and fundraising are foundational to our organization. Since the inception of IWCB, our members have pooled together their time, talents and money to serve others in Barcelona.

Our philanthropic efforts have varied over the years. In 1956 we supported the Foreign Colonies Hospital, the Damas Apostolicas children, and hosted a Children’s Christmas Party. At that time, the ladies of the club visited patients at local hospitals and rolled bandages. They also had lot of fundraising card parties, teas, and fashion shows.

More recently, the IWCB raised 10,000 Euros towards the construction of Kalida Barcelona—a cancer care center for women located in the grounds of the Sant Pau Hospital. The center opened in 2019 and our donation paid for equipping the center’s kitchen.

Every year the IWCB hosts a number of events for which charitable donations are solicited. The events range from holiday fairs to musical soirees to a summer barbecue at a member’s home. Ideas for each year’s designated charity are gathered and the membership votes on one organization to receive our annual donation.

In honor of our 65th anniversary, the IWCB is hosting a conference in the first half of 2020. The event will celebrate the progress made for women’s security and well-being in Barcelona and provide support for those facing challenges. This is the first event of its kind and we are seeking sponsorships to go directly to a charity to be announced. We are in the planning stages now.