We donate!

COVID-19 has decimated the funds of an important organization serving the needs of under-privileged women and children in Barcelona. You can help us restore these funds and support these women establish secure and healthy families.

Lloc de la Dona (http://www.llocdeladona.org/es/) is a center supporting victims of sexual exploitation and prostitutes, and its associated clothing company Dona Kolors, which trains and employs the women it supports.

Here are just 2 stories that show what your help will do for others:


It took Joy 5 years to get to Spain. She came by boat with her two-year-old son. Deceived by the mafia and taken first to Senegal where she was forced into prostitution, they lived on the streets for 4 years. When she finally made it to Barcelona, she found herself again in the street with a young child, no work papers, and no support system. After taking different courses given by Lloc de la Dona, Joy was able to take part in a government program which offered her steady employment. But at the time, she was 2 months pregnant and fearful that she would have to abort the child to take the job. Lloc de la Dona again provided support at every turn to help her make good decisions, navigate through her pregnancy, and believe in herself. Now Joy works cleaning the streets of the city with her work permit and residency. She feels confident and safe, and no longer fears for the future of her children. The youngest is now 10 months old and is named Miracle because, as his mother explains, his birth brought a miracle to their lives.


My name is Precious, I’m 25, and I am from Nigeria. I came to Spain 5 years ago after a very long journey. First, I went to Italy and then came by bus to Spain. I was forced into prostitution in order to survive. A friend told me about Lloc de la Dona, an organization that helps women. I stopped by one afternoon and was greeted by a girl who asked me what I wanted to do. I told her that I wanted to study and find work. That was how I began to study Spanish and, little by little, learn many new things. They also offered me the opportunity to sing in the Lloc de la Dona Gospel Choir and I quickly said yes. I had sung as a child in my church and singing has accompanied me always. It helps me express what I live and everything that I feel. It is a song which comes from deep within which I am able to share with many others. Now, my Spanish is improving, I am training for a better future, and I continue to sing.