Boozy smoothies with Bob

Boozy smoothies with Bob


6:00 pm - 7:00 pm


At home, Wherever you are
Map Unavailable


Bob will demonstrate and share some of his COVID alcoholic creations from his home in the South of France! “Recipes” will be simple and use the fewest ingredients possible – to make the event fun and easy for us all! Bob, an accomplished musician as well as a creator of cocktails extraordinaire, may even treat us to a song as we wrap things up. If you would like to join in, whether as a creator or just to hang with us as we do our best to make something drinkable or edible, just drop Andrea an email. Adrea will be Bob’s “agent” for the event, and will be sure you get the ingredients list and the link to our fun-filled mix-up!
See you “there!”

Please contact Andrea for a zoom access via email mentioned in the newsletter .

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